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The flavour of Italy in the heart of Sorrento

To have good taste in Sorrento means to select a restaurant like Ago: welcoming, impeccably cared for, with a convenient location and an enchanting panoramic terrace.

But good taste is also expressed at the table, and the chefs of the Restaurant in Sorrento Ago are refined interpreters of good taste.

Their mastery, together with the ingredients from a region like Campania bestowed with every possible wine and gastronomic blessing, is best expressed in the dishes of the Sorrento and Neapolitan culinary traditions.

A restaurant for all

The professionalism of Restaurant Ago’s chefs naturally enables them to accommodate all guests, even those who by choice or necessity follow special diets such as vegetarian or gluten-free.
  • Spaghettoni with yellow and red cherry tomatoes in two different consistencies
  • Paccheri stuffed with sausages and mozzarella cheese
  • Cavatelli with zucchini flowers, broad beans on buffalo mozzarella cheese cream
  • Lasagnetta stuffed with mushrooms and potatoes cream soup
  • Mezze penne with soft “Carbonara” style and fried bacon
  • Spaghetti cooked by steaming of saffron with rabbit ragout
  • Fusilloni with cacio cheese, pepper and salt cod
  • Mixed of Gragnano with potatoes cream and basil
  • Mafaldelle with pork broiled
  • Gnocchi stuffed with cheese and yellow cherry tomatoes
  • Mezzi paccheri with oxtail, ginger to carrots cream
  • Spaghetti “Nerano” style with courgettes chips
  • Tubettoni with tomatoes
  • Saghettoni with garlic, oil, cauliflowers cream
  • Candele Spezzate “Genovese” style
  • Cannelloni stuffed with braised beef
  • Mixed of Gragnano with sea food cream soup
  • Tagliolini with scampi, limo, orange and crisp rocket
  • Ravioli stuffed with sweet garlic on mussel cream
  • Calamarata with seafood and asparagus
  • Paccheri stuffed with mozzarella cheese, broccolis sauce and air dried tomatoes
  • Maccheroncello Lardiato style
  • Pasta with beans and pinch squids
  • Ravioli stuffed with burrata mozzarella cheese and yellow cherry tomatoes
  • Spaghetti Quadro with duck ragout and caciocavallo cheese sauce
  • Gnocchi stuffed with ricotta cheese on peas cream
  • Fusilli with fresh tuna, green pepper and oregano
  • Gnocchetti “Bolognese” style with pork sausages and fried artichokes
  • Zito Spezzato with pork fat, pepper and tomatoes
  • Crispy lasagna stuffed with sea ragout sauce
  • Cannellini soup, with seared branzino and fried leek
  • Spaghettone with butter, anchovy and tomatoes jam
  • Spaghetto quadro with clams ragout and goat foam
  • Penne with sausages and artichokes
  • Mezzi Paccheri with shrimps and pepper
  • Cuttlefish fettucine with citrus
  • Squids stuffed with potatoes, peas and pistachios cream soup
  • Sea bass Cannolo with salad of celery and melon
  • Salt cod in cooking oil
  • Caponata with sea food and cherry tomatoes mayonnaise
  • Sea bass slice with fennel cream and clams
  • Battered prawns with buffalo mozzarella cheese
  • Salmon cube with yellow courgettes sauce
  • Grilled squids
  • Mullet toast with spinach pistou and tomatoes
  • Rippled Sfogliatella with salt cod salad
  • Atlantic bonito fillet with potatoes, caramelized onions & virgin sauce
  • Monkfish wrapped in the lard
  • Octopus burned in its waters
  • Salmon bass with vegetables and artichokes
  • Fresh fish catches of the day in vegetables crust on champagne sauce
  • Fish flag baked
  • Gilthead with nuts crumblè
  • Shrimps bon- bon on chick peas cream soup
  • Atlantic Bonito (fish) with poppy- seed, frisèe salad and mango cream
  • Fried calamaries and artichokes
  • Fish ceviche, mango, orange and black olives
  • Sea bass fillet “Acqua pazza” style
  • Gilthead seabream with tomatoes gaazpacho
  • Fried salt cod
  • Grouper in cooking oil with vanilla and world-famous eggnog anchovy
  • Shi drum with capers, olives and cherry tomatoes
  • Pork ribs with three differents style: Neapolitan, hot spicy & caramelized
  • Beef fillet stuffed with endive, cherry tomatoes & parmesan cheese flakes.
  • Veal cheek with primitivo wine, potatoes cream and violet chips
  • Pork’s cube with honey
  • Pork bacon cooked low temperature
  • Rabbit “Cacciotora” style with white wine
  • Leg of lamb with mustard and mixed herbs
  • Oxtail timbale “Vaccinara”style
  • Chicken rings with herbs low temperature cooked
  • Pork cheek
  • Fillet in puff pastry crust
  • Duck breast with limo
  • Chicken thighs with Genovese sauce
  • Veal casserole
  • Veal cutlet stuffed with mozzarella cheese, bacon on potatoes cream
  • Chicken rolls “Curry” style
  • Eggs 65° on potatoes cream soup
  • Veal hamburger with mortadella ham
  • Phyllo pastry rabbit with powdered olive and red fruit sauce
  • Pork fillet with vinegar
  • Veal shank with butter of licorice and mushed potatoes
  • Roast beef
  • Beef medallion with mustard and sage
  • Chicken breast and leg with white onion
  • Veal yarrow
  • Cut of beef with aromatic mayonnaise
  • Veal with tuna sauce
  • Baked chicken
  • Leek cream soup with potatoes and caramelized leek
  • Pumpkin and potatoes cream soup with tomatoes croutons
  • Vegetables cream soup
  • Cauliflower cream soup
  • Chickpeas soup
  • Mussels soup with herbs and fried jowl
  • Risotto with shrimps and citrus
  • Risotto with courgettes and cuttlefish
  • Risotto with saffron and broccolis
  • Risotto with mushrooms and cut of pork strips
  • Risotto with pear and Provolone del monaco cheese
  • Risotto with crustaceans and red fruits
  • Risotto with saffron, shrimps and burrata mozzarella cheese
  • Risotto with pumpkin and sausages
  • Risotto “Amatriciana” style
  • Risotto with asparagus cream and blue cheese foam
  • Risotto with garlic, oil and bottarga
  • Risotto with mullet “Livornese” style
  • Carnaroli rice with oil, clams and thyme
  • Rice tart with shrimps and courgettes
  • Baked rice
  • Caprese cake
  • Babà with chantillè cream and berries
  • Apple meringue with prosecco, Bavarian and cinnamon cream and salted caramel sauce
  • Pastiera decomposed
  • Ricotta cheese mousse with Neroli
  • Crème brûlée served in Martina glass
  • Raspberries cheesecake
  • Cappuccino-mousse
  • Lemon delight
  • Brittle clatters with rum
  • Aromatic Bavarese cake with rum
  • Berry and yogurt decomposed tart

Panoramic Terrace

After your meal, enjoy the panoramic Terrace of Restaurant AGO in Sorrento.

Unique panorama at lunch and fantastic sunset at dinner!

Swimming Pool

50% off from swimming pool entrance for all our customers, included sunbed!

Don’t miss the change of a unforgettable day in Sorrento!

Hotel Central Sorrento

15% off from all reservations of a room with breakfast at the Hotel Central!

A real deal for you next holiday in Sorrento!

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Corso Italia, 254 80067 – Sorrento (NA) – Italy
Restaurant Ago Sorrento
Restaurant Ago Sorrento
Restaurant Ago Sorrento
Restaurant Ago Sorrento
Restaurant Ago Sorrento
Restaurant Ago Sorrento


Corso Italia, 254
80067 – Sorrento (NA) – Italy

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